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Currently providing ARMHS in Carlton, Lake, & St. Louis Counties

Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services (ARMHS) at Peace of Mind is the opportunity for adults to gain greater independence, learn to reduce mental health symptoms, and live a greater, more meaningful life through individualized strength based services.

Our ARMHS professionals and practitioners start with the foundation: compassion, integrity, and respect. We value being an ally to people who seek the motivators in life: independence, creative expression, financial control, healthy relationships, and the desire of belonging. We help people change their lives by working one-on-one and in group formats on a variety of goals: mental health coping strategies, independent living, connecting with the community, keeping jobs and careers.

At Peace of Mind, we are built to ensure you make progress on your goals fast, competently, and with zest.

The ARMHS process:

  • Referral to Peace of Mind’s ARMHS Community
  • Diagnostic Assessment
  • Practitioner visits to complete initial paperwork
  • Begin working on goals that you decide are worthwhile


Peace of Mind ARMHS Office

Northland Medical Center – Suite 107