Our History

Peace of Mind of Duluth started with the principle that residents and clients are the leaders in their care, treatment, and goals. Today, we are driven by each client’s and resident’s wishes, desires, hopes, and dreams.

Clients and residents are in the position to lead and decide on their independence and decisions.
Peace of Mind of Duluth respects the rights of each client and resident; we encourage clients and residents to lead how their care is performed at Peace of Mind of Duluth.

Our Mission

Achieve your full potential.


Company Overview

At Peace of Mind of Duluth, we embody, embrace, and share each day our compassion, respect, and integrity to our team members, residents, clients, and the families we serve.
We are driven for change. Residents, clients, families, and team members participate in person-centered, positive psychology principles for personal, professional, and community growth.

Our Team